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Discover art with gaspard !


With the "Gaspard and Art" collection, Eliart features an innovative approach for assisting children in their exploration of art history and provides them with the necessary keys to decipher the broad lines of art history.
Thanks to a magical book discovered in an attic, young Gaspard, accompanied by his rabbit Mustard, journeys through the times of the great masters. Throughout his adventures, he and his readers discover major movements in the history of art. Because the book is interactive, the reader can help Gaspard throughout his adventure. Each book is personalized and features several pages dedicated to games where children help Gaspard solve riddles.
"Gaspard and Art" is a collection of books that children can return to again and again. A fairy tale on the history of art, the text targets different reading levels, all complementary. At each age and with each reading, new surprises and discoveries await, not to mention fun and new understanding.

A book you can read and re-read ! 

A book to have fun !

A book to learn !

A book of your own !

The Author

Sensitive to art and poetry, Eliane Reynold de Sérésin is the author of numerous texts for fine art galleries and publishing companies. She is also a literary critic and formerly in charge of the youth department at Transfuge magazine. After several experiences in editing, she publishes her first art book for children with Eliart.

The Illustrator

A graduate from the l’École Nationale des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art, Adeline Brision found in the world of illustration a playground in which she can freely express her traditional yet modern style. After painting on demand for private individuals for several years, she collaborates with Eliart to give life to the characters of the series "Gaspard and Art".