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An independent publishing house specialized in art books for children, Eliart was born of a professional friendship.

Elisabeth Woodville and Céline Maffre met at an international art book publisher. Strengthened by their experience there, they decided to try their luck with their own project.

To open the door of artistic knowledge to children, they created Eliart in 2011. They propose to accompany their readers from their most tender years to the threshold of young adulthood.


Linked to the evolution of society, understanding art better enables a child to comprehend the world around him. Before becoming a concept or discipline, however, art is first and foremost an emotion. Thus, Eliart has chosen to utilize the imaginary as the provisions for this journey. By favoring a fun and original approach, Eliart publishers adapt to the various centers of interest based on the age of the child.

From learning shapes, colors and other basic elements, Eliart ventures through poetic tales, as well as literary and visual arts, to respond to the major movements and their Masters.

Finally, through the history of fashion, design and architecture, Eliart aims to show the reader that art is also a part of his daily life.
Implicitly following the French education program, the various collections at Eliart thus familiarize the reader with the world of art and contribute to improving his expression and personal development.